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Martin Geuer was born in Magdeburg in 1982 and has been living in Berlin since the age of 2. After successfully completing an apprenticeship as a gas-water installer and serving the obligatory military service, he went on studying business and engineering for 2 years. During his college time, he decided to start his professional training as an actor for film and theater at the “Filmschauspielschule Berlin”.  (Berlin film acting school). Since his successful graduation in August 2008, Martin has starred in numerous short films and was featured in advertising, feature films and TV (e.g. in his role as the main suspect in the very well known German TV-series called “Tatort” – Episode: “Dead Silence”).

In his early days he gained additional experience in the theater and later also in dubbing.

In 2012, Martin received a scholarship for the Margie Haber Studio (L.A.), where he attended the Intensive Studies Program.

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Film & Television




Residence Berlin
Born Sep 15, 1982
Height 6.2 ft
Size L/98/34-34

Eye Color Blue-grey
Hair Color Dark Blond
Voice Baritone

Dialects German, Berlin
Languages German (native), English (fluent)
Driving licence BC1/E (truck 7, 5t)


Filmmaking Seminar
(Kaskeline Film Academy)

The big International Speaker Seminar
(Coaching Company Berlin)

Scholarship for the Intensive Studies program
(Margie Haber Studio – L.A.)

2006- 2008
Acting diploma
(Filmschauspielschule Berlin)


Best Supporting Actor
Distinctive Achievement Award
(11th Wild Rose Independent Film Festival)