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Martin Geuer was born in Magdeburg in 1982 and has been living in Berlin since the age of 2. After successfully completing an apprenticeship as a gas-water installer and serving the obligatory military service, he went on studying business and engineering for 2 years. During his college time, he decided to start his professional training as an actor for film and theater at the “Filmschauspielschule Berlin”.  (Berlin film acting school). Since his successful graduation in August 2008, Martin has starred in numerous short films and was featured in advertising, feature films and TV (e.g. in his role as the main suspect in the very well known German TV-series called “Tatort” – Episode: “Dead Silence”).

In his early days he gained additional experience in the theater and later also in dubbing.

In 2012, Martin received a scholarship for the Margie Haber Studio (L.A.), where he attended the Intensive Studies Program.

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Film & Television

(L)-Lead | (SR)-Supporting Role | (E)-Extra | (s)-Short Film


Soko Leipzig: Todesursache Ignoranz (tv/SR)
Herwig Fischer | UFA Fiction – ZDF


die Expats (cinema/SR)
Jasmin S. Greene, Martinique Hines | Dicque Pic Productions


Tatort – Dead Silence (tv/SR)
Zoltan Spirandelli | Prosaar – ARD

Schicksale (tv/SR)
Andy Klein | Constantin Entertainment – Sat. 1


In Gefahr (tv/L)
Kevin Allgeyer | Constantin Entertainment – Sat. 1

In Gefahr (tv/SR)
Marcus Willer | Constantin Entertainment – Sat.1

Schicksale (tv/SR)
Patrick Liberty | Constantin Entertainment – Sat. 1

Clara (s/SR)
Eric Frantzen | Camcore

REC-A-fair (s/L)
Andrea Bonetti | Andrea Bonetti


Revolve (s/SR)
Andreas Olenberg, Nils Klatt | Camcore

Mittenaufbau (s/SR)
Uta Hoermeyer | Film Arche Berlin

Barcode (s/SR)
Christoph Lorenz | FH Offenburg

Good people (s/L)
Jessica Kiang | Met Film School London-Berlin

Cruelty (s/SR)
Tim Augurzke | TGA Wildfire Prod.

Schicksale (tv/SR)
Daniela Griesser | Constantin Entertainment – Sat. 1


The ones that matter (s/SR)
Ofer Rudolphson | Ofer Rudolphson

Critical hit (s/L)
Sükrücan Serpemen | Sükrücan Serpemen

Survival (cinema/SR)
Frank Raffel | Survival Productions

500 Times Jerusalem (s/SR)
Daniel Schwoboda | Ein Tag am Meer Film


Into the night (s/L)
Kai Guballa | Old Man Productions

The Lift (s/SR)
Emily Kuhnke | 3LegKrokodil

Tears in rain (s/SR)
Marco Theophil | Filmarche Berlin – American Univ. Washington

Free as a bird (s/SR)
Marielle Gottmann | Macromedia Munich

In tact (s/SR)
Henrike Kähler | Hanze University Groningen


Mia’s book (s/SR)
Paula Manthey | Akad. d. Künste Maastricht

Free Hugs (s/L)
Allen Majcan | Media Academy Munich


Zoe (s/SR)
Stefan Lengauer | DFFB – ARTE

Forget my not (s/SR)
Heike Poley | MHMK-Berlin

The package (s/L)
Karsten Christoph | mediaprod. – Fraunhofer IAIS

Revival (s/L)
Dima Lochmann | HAW-Hamburg

Green zone (s/L)
Naira Cavero Kasekline | Kaskeline Filmakademie

The war is over (s/L)
Kai Guballa | Junge Filmproduktion

Anim/Archai (s/SR)
Mischa Vogel | Mischa Vogel

“A Meeting” (s/L)
Arianne Hinz | Filmarche Berlin


Mirror of Memory (s/L)
Louisa Trübner | FH-Darmstadt

Theory of relativity (s/L)
Self-directed | FSS-Berlin production


Valkyrie (cinema/E)
Brian Synger | United Artists

Exposure (s/SR)
Yannis Banuls-Bieler | freedom prod. MMVII – DFFB


2011- 2012

Asylum Monologues (Reading)
Throughout Germany | Feleke |  Michael Ruf

Funeral Feast
Tourtheater | Peter Ross | Heike Weintgen

Wedding in Black
Tourtheater | Peter Ross | Heike Weintgen


Funeral Feast
Tourtheater | Peter Ross | Heike Weintgen

Wedding in Black
Tourtheater | Peter Ross | Heike Weintgen

Nathan the Wise
Köpenick City Theatre | Temple Lord | Andre Nicke


Captain of Köpenick
Köpenick City Theatre | Cpt. of Köpenick | Klaus Stephan

2007- 08

Film Live
End Station Yearning | div. parts | Thomas Ulbricht



DIE “Große” Klappe – Werbefilm “Paartherapie” – Media Markt
Kolle Rebbe | Julian Spillner | Tony Petersen Film


For Sale Services | Detlev Buck | Silbersee Film


Check 24
HAVAS Worlwide | Augustin Alberdi | Stink Film


Deutsche Bahn
Ogilvy & Mather | Mona El Mansouri | Shape Minds


Mc Donalds
Mona el Mansouri | Soup- Film



Residence Berlin
Born Sep 15, 1982
Height 6.2 ft
Size L/98/34-34

Eye Color Blue-grey
Hair Color Dark Blond
Voice Baritone

Dialects German, Berlin
Languages German (native), English (fluent)
Driving licence BC1/E (truck 7, 5t)



Filmmaking Seminar
(Kaskeline Film Academy)

The big International Speaker Seminar
(Coaching Company Berlin)

Scholarship for the Intensive Studies program
(Margie Haber Studio – L.A.)

2006- 2008
Acting diploma
(Filmschauspielschule Berlin)



Best Supporting Actor
Distinctive Achievement Award
(11th Wild Rose Independent Film Festival)